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Quick & Easy

Start training your booty at home or on the road, without expensive gym equipement


Always your personal trainer ISA at hand at a very affordable price.


Do your booty workout at home and on vacation, indoors and outdoors.

Booty Workout for Everyone

Your booty consists of muscle tissue, in fact it is the largest muscle mass in your body. And because all the muscles in your body can be trained and shaped, you also have control over the shape of your booty. No matter your gender.  Soon you will be able to participate in my workouts.

Who is Isa

I am a certified fitness instructor and sports nutritionist. I have specialized in booty workouts, an area that often receives too little attention in general fitness programs.

What to expect from Isa

With the help of my app and website I want to help you to work on a beautiful, firm booty in an accessible way, without spending a lot of money on expensive equipment and gym subscriptions. In my programs I show that you can train your booty anytime, anywhere; at home and on the road, indoors and outdoors, with or without tools. No gym anymore.

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